About Us

BlackBall was given its special name through the main ingredient, ‘Xian Cao’. Its ‘black jelly’ goodness and the yam balls in our dessert creations were founded by Mr. Tang, an accomplished tour guide and dessert connoisseur in Taiwan who has traveled far and wide to taste the best. He then made his own unique BlackBall recipe using Xian Cao, a famous Taiwanese tea and dessert ingredient that is famously produced in the ‘Guan Xi’ district.

Wishing for everyone to have a chance to experience a taste of his recipe and dessert creations, he started the first BlackBall outlet in Taipei in 2006 because he strongly believed in Xian Cao’s health benefits and the great taste of his delicious creations.

Since then, the signature BlackBall has blossomed and is now recognised as one of the biggest dessert chains in Taipei with a record of over 20 outlets.

Our present story here in Malaysia, is when Mr. Tang met Alex & Endie on the same path, both passionate dessert lovers in search of that special taste for everyone back home to share and savour. Now all that is possible with our BlackBall outlets right here where you can experience our premium quality desserts with your friends and family!

We sell:
1. Hot and cold desserts
2. Milk teas
3. Smoothies

We are located at:

5F-42A (Fifth Floor)